Monday, January 19, 2009

Thunder arrives at his new home!

He made his trip back from Minnesota and training last week. It was like a heat wave for him when he got back here to Ohio. Negative temps jumped up to 30's for him. It didn't last long, though as Cincinnati saw some of the coldest temps in years as the overnight lows went well below zero. Thunder weatered it all well, though.
Destined for another frigid state, Thunder was picked up on Saturday by our buddy, JD Hughes with Cowboy Express, with the intent of heading up Sunday to his new home. The weather and driving conditions took a turn for the worse, though that left Thunder waiting at JD's until today when they could safely travel.
Thunder arrived at his new home in Albany, NY today around 3pm and seems to be very happy in his new surroundings. His new owner's Bob & Jennifer are thrilled with him and are excited to have them joining their family.
We will miss this special guy....he was with us since May of 2008 and we grew very attached ;)
Blessings to Thunder and his new family!
From ALL of us at Hickory Lake Ranch