Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New horses finishing up training.....

We have our next "round" of trainees coming out of our program in the next few weeks. While two of them are already sold (sold prior to completing training), we do have one - and he is a GREAT one - that is still available - "Chief". He has not yet finished training, although he will in the next few weeks and be ready for his new home.

Chief is a stunning all black (small star) percheron/paint cross. He is extremely level headed, brave and easy going at his young age!
You can see all his info on his page at www.HickoryLakeRanch.com

We hope to have his full sales video up by next week and will "officially" offer him for sale (put his ads out) by the end of the month. Our trainer wants to "polish" him up before he goes to his new home.
This is a really great horse! Don't miss out on this one and your opportunity to purchase him at a slight discount and before he is available to the general public!
All the best,

ANOTHER great update!!!

I just love these updates! Here is another note I just received from Carol, who purchased one of our horses back in Dec. 08., "Ravin".
Enjoy :)

Hey “proud mom”,

Thought I’d catch you up since New Year’s. I have to take the camera out there with me sometime soon. I wanted to get you all (y’all) some pictures of her home life by now. Hope just a few words will do for now. I know you’ll like hearing this -------

We’ve had our rides on every weekend but one this month, and a few short ones on weekdays just before dark. I keep tacking her up even if the weather is miserable for days. I don’t want her to forget what she learned in Minnesota and I want her to stay ready for our riding times whenever they occur. She is one cool cucumber, standing still for mounting on the most frigid and windy of days or nights, when even I’m too cold to stay longer and ride, and she is ready, patient and probably wondering why I’m dismounting and untacking her so soon. She follows me everywhere while I’m doing chores and doesn’t even flinch an inch when I toss something as noisy as a piece of tin roof that sounded like thunder when it hit the other pieces in the stack. She cuddles close whenever I’m still and I cuddle back, knowing with a heart like her’s, that she’s missing her people in Minnesota and equine buddies too. I pinch myself when I realize she’s letting me into that heart too. I can’t believe she’s already here instead of arriving in March. I just makes me pinch myself again. The only bad news is you didn’t ask enough money for her! I knew that the first night I saw that Friesian trot in the pasture!

I’ve made arrangements with a local lumber yard to deliver some beams to start making the control pillars. Can’t wait.