Friday, January 9, 2009

Having just picked up "Beckett"..........

Beckett is our new recruit joining our trip to MN this month to start training. He is a 3 year old Friesian/Morgan cross gelding. He Stands about 15.3hh and is jet black with a star and 2 white socks.....I will measure him for weight and height tomorrow to verify.
We just picked him up from our frequent stop in Black River Falls, WI (we have friends here that call when they have a great horse for us :).
We had not met Beckett in person prior to this evening in the Perkin's parking lot.....we had to meet there, because the roads to the farm were cover in snow and it saved us having to take the full trailer that far off the interstate under the road conditions.

When he came off the trailer and stepped onto the snow covered pavement he was immediately jazzed and looking all around. Head high, eyes bright and very confident looking, I might add! He was happy and boisterous and reminded me of a young and curious child arriving at the amusement park :)

As I took his lead and asked me to follow him across the lot to my trailer he quickly followed without hesitation. When I asked him to load he did so eagerly and was like he was saying, "Hey, what's in here?!".
What a total sweetie is all I can say! I secured him into place and then rubbed his face. He eagerly pushed against my glove and watched me with his big almond eyes.

I can already tell having spent only minutes with this young horse that he is a lover. A horse made to be someone's best friend.....and he will get as much or more from the relationship as his human counterpart will!
He is tall and lanky - awkward really at this stage in his development (much like his Friesian breeding would suggest), but in the best way possible. You can see how and where he will continue to fill out and know that he is going to be a beautiful and athletic saddle horse.
Beckett would also be very well suited to driving with his Friesian and Morgan breeding. After saddle training we may add some driving to his resume.
I am so excited to get to know this guy better and look forward to updating this Blog as I do.
I hope to be able to get a short video of his movement tomorrow. It depends largely on the weather, as more snow is current in the forecast :(
Next stop, Minnesota!