Friday, January 9, 2009

The mighty "Kingston" has joined our group!

"Kingston" is a super cute (maybe not the best description as he is more dignified than "cute" would infer :) black & white (with roaning) percheron/paint cross gelding.

Currently standing about 15hh @ 4 years old. He is a very laid back boy and has an "old soul". So far he has been very unexcitable - noises, new sights, other horses, etc. He is really very laid back with everything we have presented him. He seems to have already been there done that and he hasn't even started!

Kingston will begin his training this month and we anticipate that he will be ready for his new home in April - June '09.

I have attached some pics of him taken today in the trailer while we are traveling from Cincinnati to Ogilvie, MN.

I will be sure to post new info and pics about him as soon as we have it.

Check out his additional info on our website @