Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Updates for April/May 2009

Well, it's been a while since I posted to my blog as we have been so busy in the horse world over the last couple of months!

As you know, riding season is here (yeah!) and it is more and more difficult to keep any available horses in. As soon as they have officially finished training they are sold (many have even "pre-sold" before training is finished).

Apollo - our magnificent Spotted Draft gelding - has been purchased and is headed for his home in Ontario, Canada this week. He is staying at a great barn in Dexter, MI right now under the care of Tina Luick who has been incredible to work with.

Kingston and Reno sold to a family in Paducah, Kentucky and are headed to their new home tomorrow, May 27th. We just transferred them down from Minnesota last week for their "layover" at our Cincinnati barn and they have been an absolute joy. They are good buddies and have treated my ladies here with great respect :)

Ollie - our Fjord - sold before finishing training to a great gal in Elk River, Minnesota.

Chief (percheron paint cross) went to his new home in New York state and Lexie (spotted draft) headed to her home in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Finally, Skip (our buckskin AQHA gelding) went to Fayetteville, Texas where he is learning the ropes with his young rider and some herding cattle!

At the present time we have one magnificent horse finishing his training, Connor. He is a 7 year old Clydesdale cross gelding who has done a little of everything on the show circuit, light competition and pleasure riding. He is an incredible mount for just about any level rider and would make an incredible school or 4-H horse, as well. He would be a shoe in for mounted patrol, search and rescue or fox hunting, too. He is currently at our training barn in Minnesota and can be purchased now at only $5500! He will transfer to our Cincinnati barn in June and his price will go up at that time.
Check out his video on our website today!

We will update on new horses as they come and hope that everyone is enjoying the spring riding as much as we are!
Happy Trails and God Bless :)