Friday, January 9, 2009

On the road again....... we are traveling from Cincinnati, OH to Ogilvie, MN. We currently have Apollo (WOW!! I will write about him later :) and Kingston (such a super sweet and cute smaller draft cross!) in the trailer and are on our way to pick up our third and final recruit ("Beckett" - Friesian/Morgan gelding) of the month in Black River Falls, WI.

Weather has been great, but we are anticipating some snow as we head up toward Wisconsin. We are praying for continued safe travels.

I have attached some pics taken today during our lunch stop just about an hour ago in LaSalle county, IL. Kingston and Apollo are riding great in the trailer and are being perfect gentlemen!

Kingston is not a little horse (much larger build than your standard QH, etc), but in the pictures he looks like a pony next to Apollo! Apollo is a massive horse and truly is at the limit for my 3 horse slant trailer. We will have to bring a much larger trailer if we are to haul him back to our sales barn in Ohio after training!

I will write more later (it's a nice way to pass the time in the truck :) with updates as we progress on our trip.

Hope you enjoy the pics!


Jessica, HLR