Saturday, December 6, 2008

Delivering "Ravin" to her new home in Athens, GA......

Yesterday we packed up the crew (we have three young boys ages 2, 5 & 7) to deliver Ravin and Silver to their new homes in Georgia and Florida.

We have family in Florida and decided that perhaps we should combine the trip and drive on out to visit our family in FL after delivering Silver to her new home in the Tampa area.

We left @ 7am and arrived at Ravin's new home in GA around 7pm. It was a long day, but enjoyable. The girls (horses) were great on the trip and enjoyed their frequent breaks with treats and lots of new hay, water, etc. Even the kids were very well behaved. It helped to have set up the video system, playstation, nintendo, and whatever else it is that they have back there!

Upon arriving at Ravin's new home we unloaded her and introduced her to her new pasture mate, Josh. She was so excited to be off of the trailer and have her feet back on solid ground!

Silver waited patiently in the trailer and didn't make a peep as her best friend left her place in the trailer and went to get introduced to her new surroundings. I was so proud of Silver and her sweet accepting spirit after 12 hours traveling!

Ravin's new owner, Carol, is a sweet and wonderful woman. I am so happy for Ravin to have such a wonderful new home with gorgeous grazing pastures and a loving new friend!

Carol had even made up a gift basket for my family with all kinds of wonderful goodies for our trip (bagels, yogurt, tea, chips) and a bag of apples and carrots for all of our horses! Silver has been enjoying those immensely over the last few hours!

Now we are heading through FL on our way to deliver Silver to her new owner, Teresa. She will be so happy to finally be home and out of the metal box on wheels!!