Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Carol's email to us after her first night with "Ravin", her new Friesian cross mare she purchased from us.......

.....the email from Carol read like this:

"Peaceful night passed grazing. I came in at 4am to help out another department until 9am, and will go out to the barn from here. Didn’t want you to wait til Monday to get news of Ravin’s settling in on her first night. I hope you folks had a good night’s rest in Macon .
Joann and I stayed a few hours and walked the fence line with her and parked the car out in the front pasture with the horses and finally took their halters off. I let Ravin have the first few minutes loose in the pasture by herself, taking Josh back out temporarily, and Ravin neighed and danced up into a beautiful trot, floating, extended, energetic, that left us breathless to watch even in the dark. We could see it because of the moonlight on her and we knew to look that way because we could feel it through the ground, and she had neighed. And she came right passed each of us, giving us an eyeful. It was impressive beyond anything I expected. Joann was on the phone with her husband and she said she almost dropped the phone in her thrill and awe watching the performance just a few yards away from us. Afterwards she settled down to looking past the gate to where Josh was.
Then I got Josh and brought him in with her, lead line on him till she could sniff him out all she wanted and still be safe from his advances. She was perfect and confident. When I took Josh’s halter off and he was eager to approach her with more than just friendliness on his mind, it only took her about 1 second to put him in his place. (Ha) I have never seen him more humbled, properly and effectively. (He’s a gelding technically but he is what they called “proud cut”. You know, left a little tissue behind accidentally that produces too much testosterone to act like a gelding all the time.) He’s nice to humans but bossy to other horses. Now that Ravin has put him in his place, he’s looking like he’s figuring out how to act all over again, and how respectful to be and how to approach and how close…and when… and if the Queen Lady allows it! I love it. She’s earned her keep already with me. It was going to be a quiet night from now on. Ravin’s insuring that. My one worry had been staying out there all night with occasional squealing and striking going on until they settled down. But after another hour of quiet and our amusement at Josh’s accurate copying of her every step with one of his own to keep his distance, we packed it in for the night and I went home and got some of best sleep I have had in months. By the way, just seconds after Ravin drove Josh off with a few kicks and displayed a show of force and went back to her hay, I was curious enough to walk up and put my hand softly on her chest and asked her to yield and move away from her hay for me, a stranger, and she did with little pressure. I was trying to see not just if, but how little it would take. It took very little. I picked up her front foot, then her hind foot, she let me hold each easily, I stroked her leg a little delaying putting each one down, and was pleased she was gently allowing me to, seconds after kicking Josh away. Josh is unhurt, it just deflated his ego.
Joann and I had supper parked out in the pasture, and we noticed the horses had moved and looked around for them, knowing they had been somewhere behind us. Joann touched the brake to use the glow of the tail lights and we saw Ravin beside the back left passenger window, checking out the car and turning to walk away. We could only see part of her. She so dwarfed the car that we both said at the same time OO-OO-OO This is just like Jurassic Park !
I’m going to go to the barn now and spend a little time with grooming and bonding. Thank you again. I can’t say it enough.


Thank you, Carol! We hope that you enjoy her this much every day for many many years to come!
Jessica and the rest of the gang at Hickory Lake Ranch