Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spotted Draft (Apollo) & Kingston video uploaded - FOR SALE!!

We just sent two of the best geldings we had worked with in a while to their new homes (Chief and Dandy) and are excited to have two newer guys - Apollo and Kingston- coming through training now that are filling their void for unflappable and fun horses to work with!

We have an intro video up of Apollo and Kingston now and you can view it here:

Apollo and Kingston have both done incredibly in our training and are going to be ready for their new homes very soon.

Apollo is a 4 year old Spotted Draft gelding standing about 17hh and weighing in around 1500-1600lbs. He is the definition of gentle giant! He is smooth to ride and extremely responsive. Apollo is very brave and will try anything that is asked of him. He will make an incredible all around family horse and is certainly a great choice for any level and sized rider!

Kingston is a 4 year old Percheron/Paint cross gelding that is wrapped up in a small horse package. He currently stands about 15hh and weighs about 1200lbs.

Kingston is super laid back and even. He is also a very brave little guy and is very willing. Kingston gets along very well with everyone. He is a very unique color. I would say he is grey and white more than black and white. His black is roaning or greying around the edges and I would say that he will eventually be completely grey and white.

We will have more of these two guys as time goes on. They are available for purchase now and will stay with us until they have finished training in May or June 2009.

Thanks for taking the time to read about these two gorgeous geldings!